Home Is My Happy Place

I was watching HGTV {because I am a little bit obsessed} but let’s not dwell on how addicted I am.  I saw a promo for one of my favorite shows Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines  was saying “Home is my happy place”.  I thought, “Yes!  I can relate to that, my home is my happy place too!”

home is my happy place

My husband and I bought our little 1100 sq ft house 16 years ago.  We literally bought the second home we looked at.  It was bright and open and we instantly fell in love. It was just the two of us and it was the perfect size.  I remember the first night in our new home we ate pizza on the floor in the living room because we didn’t have a dining room table, we were so proud to be 20 years old and buying our first place all on our own.   This house holds so many memories, we brought both our boys home here, its the only home they have ever known and after moving around a lot as kids it’s the place both my husband and I have lived the longest.  We love our home. We have all set very deep roots here, it’s our safe place to land and spend time together, our happy place.

I have always loved home decorating, anything I can do DIY.  I love finding inspiration on HGTV and Pinterest.  Over the years I have logged many hours watching any decorating show I could find, I have spent lots of time online researching projects and figuring out how to do all of it on a budget.  It is one of my favorite things to do, my hobby really.  I love to transform ordinary things into something beautiful.  When ever I see something I love, I think Oh I could totally do that myself!!  :)

As a stay at home mom/blogger, I spend a lot of time in this house…a LOT of time.  As a self proclaimed “home body”, that is just find with me.  I love how our home has changed over the years, it started with hand me down furniture and white paint and we’ve transformed it into a cozy, comfortable home.  There are still so many projects I want to do and I thought why am I not sharing these projects on my blog?!  I get so much joy out of seeing a space transform or a project come together!  I thought, maybe others will join me in my DIY/Home decorating obsession journey. 😉  It is still This Joyful Journey…a journey of home and family and everything in between!!

What hobby, project, obsession do you have??  😉

<3 Courtney



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