Updating your Vent Covers with Spray Paint


vent covers using spray paint

Updating Your Vent Covers using Spray Paint

Have you ever started a home improvement project just to have it snow ball into one project after another? It’s happened to me on more than one occasion, this winter one project led to another and the next thing I know I am spray painting my vent covers!  Ha!

Last year, my totally AMAZING husband came home from work one day and surprised me with a brand new dishwasher!  Our old one was 15 years old and just not getting the job done anymore.  I was so excited and it was perfect, until a week or so after it was installed, I noticed the laminate in front of the dishwasher didn’t feel right…do you see where I am going here?

Yep!  It had leaked, just a tiny little drip every time I ran it.  By the time I noticed, those tiny drips equaled substantial damage to our laminate and subfloor.  No mold though, I call that a win. 😉  We had no choice but to replace the laminate and since it ran though all of the main living areas it turned into quite a big job.  We decided to hire a professional this time, my husband and a friend had installed the previous flooring.  We settled on a LVP (luxury vinyl plank) in a beautiful gray.  Going from a warm oak flooring to a gray flooring we knew we would have to make some changes, like our tan walls. (that is a future project)

After the floors were installed, I realized there was one more project that needed to be done.  Luckily, this one was easy and involved spray paint!  Spray paint is my favorite way to transform something ordinary into something spectacular!  :)

Looking around I saw 4 vent covers and they were 3 different colors. One black metal, one white metal and two that were faux wood, any of those on our gray floors would stick out like a sore thumb.   I wanted them to kind of blend in.  We’ve used spray paint on several things to update them, why not vent covers!?  I used Rust-oleum American Accents Primer in gray.  Because I had both metal and plastic vent covers I thought this would be best.  It bonds to both plastic and metal, covering all my bases.


updating vent covers with spray paint
Rust-oleum Primer Gray

I went with no fuss primer gray.  You can’t test it out so it was hard to decide what color to use. It didn’t match the floors exactly but I decided I liked it and it was a huge improvement over what they were before.  :)

updating vent covers with spray paintBefore:  plastic faux wood vent covers.

updating vent overs with spray paintBefore:  white metal vent cover.  A little rusted and plain.

I put down some paper on the garage floor and sprayed them all with a even coat.   I let them dry for several days before I put them back on the vents.  A little gray spray paint and TA-DA!!  Beautiful, matching vent covers. What a difference it makes, now they blend into the back ground and aren’t the “statement” piece they were before. 😉

updating vent covers with spray paint

The white vent cover after.

updating vent covers with spray paint

The After!

I love how they turned out.  It was a simple update that only cost me $3.98!  Now I am looking around for other things to spray paint.

What projects have you been considering?  Maybe a vent cover update is in your future??

<3 Courtney




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